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How to Install a Sling

STEP 1: Install the “Spaghetti” into the Fabric

The slings will be shipped without the “Spaghetti” installed. Insert each “Spaghetti” into each side of the sling. The “Spaghetti’s” are made longer: do not trim until later on, in the installation process.

STEP 2: Install the Sling into the Sling Rails

Using one hand, slide the fabric through the sling rail, while using the other hand to guide it into the rail gently.

STEP 3: Install the “Spaghetti” into the Fabric

A spreader will be needed to spread the sling rails apart, allowing room for the spreader bar. Spread the rails apart, insert the bar and then close the rails. With a rubber mallet, hit one of the rails to make sure the bar is set firmly into place.

STEP 4: Reinstall Sling Rails

Loosely install all the screws, attaching the sling rails to the chair base.

STEP 5: Adjusting Sling Length/ Eliminating Wrinkles

Clamp the first set of pliers at the bottom, onto the sling and the sling rail. Then, attach the second pair of pliers onto the fabric, at the top. To eliminate wrinkles, pull on the second pair of pliers (the ones at the top).

STEP 6: Installing to Base

Tighten all the screws, cut off excess “Spaghetti” and using a rubber mallet re-install the end caps.